Who Do You Want Dusting Your Jewelry Box?

It goes without saying that our industry has a lot of competition. A simple search on Kijiji will show you that there is a small army of people trying to make a buck in the cleaning industry.

So who are you going to hire? We did a little experiment to see what drove potential clients to our roster and the results were surprising.

The common consensus is that consumers are looking for an affordable, high quality cleaning service, but will forgo quality in favor of affordable. We also learned that most consumers view Cleaners the same way they view a clerk at 7Eleven or Tim Hortons.

So let’s break it down.

We have the bottom of the price scale ($15-$20 per hour)- This price point is shockingly low and leaves little room for overhead and margins. If you decide to give one of these services a try, you should consider a few questions before beginning.