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Family Dinner
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Residential Cleaning

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Life's Short.  Why Clean?  Hire Polished! (1).png (1).png (1).png

Does your Cleaning Service have a Client Experience Assistant? (1).png (1).png

Polished clients can enjoy a personalized service starting at onboarding and for the duration of their relationship. 


Have a request?  Your client experience coordinator is here to help.  Simply reach out to them for fast and easy account-related requests.


We're here to help and we want your experience to feel genuine and positive. (1).png
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A Client Experience Coordinator can  help you customize a residential cleaning plan that is exactly what your family needs. (1).png

Pay a bill, rebook an appointment, request an a la Carte Service or even let us know how your service is. (1).png

In-home consults are free and take 15-20 minutes to create your own unique cleaning and pricing plan. (1).png

Find out today how Polished can assist you with your home cleaning and what you could do with some extra time. (1).png

Customized Service with a Quality Checklist

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Id Rather Be Vacuuming.png (1).png

We'll take care of your chore list so you can do the things that matter.

Polished will leave your home clean and disinfected to help reduce cross contamination. 

It's our way to keep your family safe from contagious bugs and viruses. (1).png (1).png (1).png (1).png (1).png

What could you do with some extra time?

Closeup of a Black Dog (1).png (1).png (1).png (1).png (1).png

Pet Friendly

We love your pets. 


Ask us to let them out for a pee, give them a treat or simply love them up while we're in your home.  We're happy to do it.

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 Also, ask us about specialized pet care including dog walking & pet sitting (1).png (1).png (1).png (1).png (1).png (1).png (1).png