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Commercial Cleaning

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Not just cleaning, ask about a la Carte Services.

Home office
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Office Cleaning

Did you know that professional cleaning and disinfecting reduces sick time?

Now more than ever, it's important to consider a professional cleaning service for your work place to ensure minimal transmission of contagious illness.

Polished Cleaning Services cares for your regular janitorial needs and adds disinfectant fogging & misting to every service visit to add a layer of protection against Covid-19, Cold & Flu so your co-workers can concentrate on their job and not worry about getting sick.

At Polished Cleaning Services, we work with you and your team to design a customized cleaning schedule and work order.  Commercial cleaning is can fit into any budget and can help your bottom line too! (1).png (1).png

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Apartment Buildings

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More and more property managers are opting to outsource their janitorial duties.


By hiring a professional cleaning service to clean and disinfect common areas, they have peace of mind their properties are the cleanest they can be for tenants & their guests. 

Our apartment services are customizable to your needs and we send a detailed checklist to document our work after every visit. (1).png (1).png