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Yard Maintenance

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Life's Short.  Why Mow?  Hire Polished! (1).png

Four-Season Yard Maintenance Services (1).png (1).png (1).png (1).png

Have a pet? We do yard waste removal. Weekly packages start at just $20.00.


Need lawn mowing services? We do that too! Packages start at $120.00 a month for weekly mowing.

Exterior Windows? We will make them polished and shine. Packages start at just $80.00. (1).png (1).png (1).png

Find out today how Polished can assist you with your yard maintenance and what you could do with some extra time. (1).png (1).png (1).png

Customized Service with a Quality Checklist

Summer Movie Night (1).png

Life's Short. Why Mow?
Hire Polished! (1).png (1).png (1).png (1).png (1).png

We'll take care of your yard maintenance so you can do the things that matter.

Whether it is weekly mowing and trimming or picking up after Fido, we have you covered. (1).png (1).png (1).png

What could you do with some extra time?

Dog with a toy (1).png (1).png (1).png

Pet Waste Removal (1).png

Doggie Doo Pick Up Help?

No Problem.


Think about weekly dog waste removal in your yard. Spend more time with Fido, and let us do your doggie doo pick up. (1).png (1).png (1).png (1).png (1).png (1).png (1).png

 Also, ask us about specialized pet care including dog walking & pet sitting (1).png