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Our No-nonsense Approach to Your Health & Safety

  1. Our Cleaning & Administrative personnel are required to complete a COVID-19 Health Screening Declaration daily before arrival to work. Those who can not 100% guarantee they do not show any COVID-19 symptoms must stay home until symptom-free for the appropriate amount of time mandated by public health.

  2. Polished Cleaning Services is now Cohorted to avoid cross-contamination and to contain potential exposures to COVID-19. This means that you now have a dedicated team that visits your home.  If your team is unable to visit for any reason, your appointment my be canceled or rescheduled.

  3. For your safety, Polished no longer transports vacuums between cleans.  Clients are required to leave out their vacuum for the #DreamCleanTeam.  If you do not have a vacuum, one can be purchased and left behind for you.

  4. Our #DreamCleanTeam is educated on proper hygiene and hand washing. Signs are up in our office reminding staff to wash their hands when they enter your home and after cleaning your home. We also have diagrams on what proper hand-washing looks like and for how long they should be scrubbing with soap for. Always remember to sing your “ABC’s while you lather and scrub”, is our daily mantra.

  5. Cleaning staff must wear a mask when cleaning in your home and where they can not socially-distance.

  6. Clients must complete a COVID-19 health Declaration and confirm their appointment through their reminder email at least 24 hours prior to their cleaning appointment or we will not visit.

  7. It is mandatory that our staff wash their hands immediately upon arrival and are encouraged to wear gloves as an extra precaution. Our gloves are disposable and are changed when appropriate then thrown away after each clean.

  8. A DIN Registered & Approved Disinfectant for use against COVID-19 called Enviro Care Neutral Disinfectant (DIN 02130661) is used to ensure that all common touch-points and applicable surfaces are properly disinfected for your safety.

  9. We do not cross contaminate our cleaning cloths. All cloths are kept separate in a property-specific laundry bag. Used-cloths NEVER EVER go from one home to the another. 

  10. Once delivered back to our facility, our used-cloths are soaked, bleached and washed in hot water on a Sanitize Cycle for 2 hours. We dry them on the hottest setting for over an hour to eliminate to possibility of cross-contamination.

  11. Every clean, we are committed to wiping down the touch areas of your home. We define touch-points as door handles, taps, remotes, light switches, phones, etc. with our Enviro Care Neutral Disinfectant (DIN 02130661). If you would like an item added to our list, please let us know.

  12. We have a daily morning staff huddles to educate our team on updates from the Canada’s Public Health Websites and any recommended changes to the COVID-19 Protocols in place.

We feel privileged to be Winnipeg & Regina’s #DreamCleanTeam.
We're committed to continue to be diligent in our disinfection practices with safety & well-being as our number one priority.
Our Practices will evolve and change as recommended or mandated by Health Canada.  Our client's health and safety is our number-one priority.