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Our main goal is to PREVENT illness and PROTECT our clients from harmful viruses and bacteria.


While there is no universal protocol to eradicate the SARS-CoV-2 (the virus that causes COVID-19), we do know cleanliness is extremely important to protect your space.  Trust Polished Cleaning Services to provide an added layer of protection in addition to COVID-19 Compliant protocols with ANOLYTE Disinfectant Fogging Services for your home, office, industrial area, property, Airbnb, hotel, bar or restaurant. 


Although ANOLYTE is a DIN Registered Disinfectant, it's manufacturer Environize is working hard to fast-track it's inclusion to the List of COVID-19 Specific Disinfectants.  Until it is added, we can not claim that ANOLYTE KILLS the COVID-19 Virus.  We do know it is effective to treat and kill all other common virus and pathogens that cause illness.



reduce sick time with regular disinfection


60% of illness that result in absence from work are contracted from equipment or common touch points in offices. Common touch points carry bacteria and viruses 3x’s higher than the amount found on public toilet seats.  We want to protect you from harmful virus-spread. 


With heightened awareness surrounding COVID-19 and the Province's efforts to re-open the economy, you can't afford to have staff at home sick.  With Symptoms of the Coronavirus being similar to that of the common cold or flu, it's important to add an additional layer of protection in the work place. Disinfectant fogging is the answer.  By adopting a regular disinfecting regimen, you're reducing your chances or having your staff out sick for extended periods of time so you can get back to business as usual.

Our disinfection method is safe for everyday use and wont cause skin, eye or respiratory issues. We are environmentally friendly and follow strict operational procedures when we come to clean and disinfect.

Let us customize a plan for your home or space today! Choose from daily, weekly or monthly visits and include disinfecting.



Eliminate Cross Contamination


Did you know that Disinfectant Fogging is one of the most effective ways to disinfect your space? It gives a complete 360 degree disinfecting mist and is recommended by the EPA for killing bacteria and viruses. It is much safer than your traditional cloth and spray disinfecting methods and is superior in preventing cross contamination.   It can be done in your home or office. It's environmentally friendly and safe for you, your children, your pets, plants and marine life.


How many hours are you spending having your staff disinfect your space? Are they doing it properly and allowing for the disinfectant to dwell on surfaces long enough to kill the virus? Disinfectant fogging protects your staff's health and well being by adhering to all surfaces and allowing for the correct amount of dwell time to kill bacteria and viruses.




Reduce risk and cost associated with doing it yourself 
Avoid the cost and danger of over-using product

Avoid Injury from mishandling or not diluting correctly


Disinfectant Fogging applies disinfectant in a uniform and controlled manner.   
Reduce the time it takes to cover and disinfect all surfaces and hard to reach areas by conventional spray bottle delivery method.  Our disinfectant fog adheres to areas not in your regular cleaning scope that may be prone to virus-spread such as walls, doors, and windows.

Polished Cleaning Services is staying current and up-to-date on our cleaning & disinfecting protocols by taking cues from the

Canadian Government website and the CDC



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