How Disinfectant Fogging Works

The science behind 360 Degree Disinfection

Electrolysed water technology combines low levels of electricity, common salt and ordinary tap water through a process known as electrolysis, the same basic process used to create bleach. Light saline water passes through a patented electrolytic cell creating two novel technical solutions ANOLYTE (a disinfectant) and CATHOLYTE (a cleaner/degreaser).

ANOLYTE's active ingredient is Hypochlorous Acid. Hypochlorous Acid is an EPA List N (Products with Emerging Viral Pathogens AND Human Coronavirus claims for use against SARS-CoV-2) disinfectant. ANOLYTE is DIN Registered, but currently isn't included in Health Canada's list of accepted disinfectants for COVID-19.  Until it is officially added, we will officially recommend ANOLYTE Fogging as an added layer of protection to any COVID-19 Compliant regimen already in place.  The manufacturer is working to fast track ANOLYTE to be included to Health Canada's List of accepted DIN Registered products upon receipt of third party lab verification.


ANOLYTE is eco-friendly, and safe for people, pets, plants and marine life.  When ANOLYTE is appllied to a surface, it's attracted to the molecular structure of the cell walls of most microorganisms which basically causes their cellular structure to explode on contact. When ANOLYTE is applied using an ULV Fogger delivery method, it provides a 360 degree disinfecting of a space including any airborne pathogens.

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