Our Cat Executive Officer.


Franklin Fish fillets the third

After some intense negotiations, Frank joined our team in 2012.  We finally settled on an a salary of one can of wet food & a bowl of dry food a day, unlimited treats and his own executive washroom which he demanded be cleaned daily.  We weren't sure if he would be a good fit, but his unorthodox management style has increased productivity and moral exponentially.

dog walking.JPG

If you need assistance, we will let your dogs out to potty or take them for a short walk. Leave feeding instructions and have piece of mind, your furry friends have full bellies while they wait for you to return to your freshly cleaned home.

we offer pet sitting services to our clients too!

We have the polished girls walk Winston for 30 minutes and give him his afternoon feeding during our weekly service visit. After work, the house is clean and our dog is relaxed and ready to snuggle up and watch Grey’s.
— Katrina B. - Polished Client since 2013