We want to be your biggest client.

Self employed cleaners are out there slamming trunks and getting it done.  We want to partner with great cleaning professionals who are either just starting out or are looking to expand their client base.  Polished subcontractors are their own boss and have more vested in providing top-notch service. 

After all it's your reputation at stake.

If you're an insured, registered & above board, we want to work with you.

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Subcontracting with Polished

Not getting the traction you were hoping for on kijiji?  Polished is a known brand with a proven online and social media presence.  We're always promoting our brand and seeking new clients.  When you're a Polished Subcontractor, you can focus on what you do best, while we send you fully vetted, quality clients.  Invoice us your work, we pay directly with EFT. Payment terms are negotiable.

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Branding Premiums

Eligiable subcontractors will receive a 15% bonus on all billable hours when they install a free Polished logo or wrap to their vehicle.  


Franchising Opportunities

Eligible self-employed cleaners not working in the Regina or Winnipeg greater areas can own their own Polished business.  Bill your client's directly and get paid daily.  Your franchise fees are directly debited at every deposit.