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Terms & Conditions

Check back often for updates to our terms of service. 

There is a link on all outgoing reminders and emails from our scheduling software for quick and easy reference.


Polished Cleaning Services requires a $100 Credit Card Deposit at commencement of your cleaning services and requires this deposit to be on file for all service appointments. When you pay your deposit, the system will retain your card on file for future charges and outstanding balances due.  Your deposit will be applied to your last clean. Polished Cleaning will convert the deposit to a $100.00 administration fee in the following instances.

  • Cancellation or rebooking a scheduled service with less than 3-days notice.

  • Rebooking a scheduled service to a date more-than two-weeks in the future.

  • When your cleaning team is unable to (for any reason) gain access to your property.

  • You turn your cleaning team away when they arrive.

  • Your pre-authorized payment is declined three consecutive times.

  • Your cleaning team leaves a clean for any reason listed in term number 6.


A new $100 deposit will be required prior to service resuming.  If your deposit has not been converted to an administration fee, it will be applied to your final cleaning service appointment.


In the cleaning industry, arrival times are unpredictable and even more-so during COVID-19.  For this reason, Polished Cleaning requires flexibility to arrive and depart between the hours of 9:00am and 4:00pm.  You may request the following concessions.

  • AM Arrival Time - Team arrives between 9:00am -11:30am | No Charge

  • PM Arrival Time - Team arrives between 12:00pm – 4:00pm |No Charge

  • Specific Arrival Time -Team arrives a pre-determined time | Not available for any discounted services.  This option is full price only.


Our scheduling software sends out an appointment reminder via text message or email four-days prior to your scheduled cleaning service to allow ample time to cancel or reschedule without a fee. 


There is an arrival time noted as it shows on our schedule.  This is not a guaranteed arrival time and is subject to change.

Polished Cleaning Services charges by the ‘Cleaning-Hour’.  A Cleaning-Hour is $50.00 and is charged for the amount of time EACH Polished Cleaning Services team member spends completing your cleaning work order.  All issued estimates and invoices illustrate the total Cleaning-Hours required to complete your clean.

  • Polished Cleaning Services typically sends teams of two or more. 

  • Each team member is cleaning a separate area of your home simultaneously.


Your invoice total will be a combination of time for all team members present during your clean. As an example, you could receive a 4 Cleaning-Hour invoice for any of the following scenarios.


  • One Cleaner for 4 hours

  • Two Cleaners for 2 hours each

  • Three Cleaners for 1 hour, 20 minutes hours each

  • Four Cleaners for 1 hour each


Polished Cleaning Services requires all cleaning personnel to record their job times using GPS-tracked field service software on their smart phones.  The team starts and stops their timers upon arrival and departure to your property, not at commencement of cleaning.  Some exceptions to this policy are.


  • Timers are started and stopped at the Perimeter Highway/Ring Road for any jobs requiring travel outside the city limits.

  • Timers are started and stopped at paid parking meters.


Polished Cleaning Services has a proven and effective training program in place ensuring all cleaning staff are versed on our universal cleaning method and delivery.  Cleaners are dispatched to routes by area demand and are rotated through all routes to provide fresh eyes and quality control. 

Polished does not guarantee the same cleaner each visit.  You may request the same cleaner each visit only if you pay full price for services.


Polished Cleaning staff WILL NOT clean up any biological waste of any kind and have been given discretion to discontinue any clean where they feel their personal safety may be compromised.  They may leave a clean if they.

  • Encounter urine, feces, vomit, soiled clothing, or linens.

  • Notice evidence of rodent activity.

  • Find live insects they are not able to identify.

  • Feel their personal safety is at risk.

  • Feel a client is being abusive or belligerent.


Polished Cleaning practices a “Closed Drawer/Closed Door” Policy.  Cleaning staff will never open a closed-off area or drawer in your property.  Some exceptions to this rule include.

  • Top Drawers in kitchens and bathrooms will be checked for crumbs or hair.

  • Cabinets located below a sink will be opened and wiped.

  • Cabinets or drawers containing garbage receptacles will be wiped and liners will be replaced

  • You have pre-arranged for an area to be accessed and left secured when finished.


Clients must provide accessible parking for Cleaning staff when they visit.  All paid parking required is charged back to the client.


Polished Cleaning Staff document their work by taking before and after photos for your file.  They photograph damage they encounter prior to commencing cleaning and items they may break or damage during the course of your clean.  All photos collected are used solely for the purpose of quality control and progress monitoring.  They are not used for any other reason without explicit client consent.


Polished Cleaning charges a recruitment fee of $2500.00 to any client who solicits employment or an alternate cleaning contract to any Polished Cleaning staff offering at an hourly rate which is lower than the rate currently charged by Polished Cleaning for the same service.  This recruitment fee is charged directly to the default method of payment or issued on an invoice.


All invoices are due on receipt and the outstanding balance of your clean will be charged to the credit card used to fund your deposit unless alternate payment terms have been arranged.  All Invoices are issued via email and automatically charged.  Invoices are forwarded to a collection agency after 30 days of non-payment.


All prices are subject to change without notice.


Daily COVID-19 screening protocols ar­­­­e in place until further notice. 

If you have answered NO to ALL included screening questions, YOU MUST CONFIRM YOUR APPOINTMENT to indicate it is safe to visit.

If you answer YES to any questions, please contact Polished Cleaning Services to cancel and rebook your appointment after the appropriate amount of time has passed.  

Polished Cleaning Services reserves the right to cancel any unconfirmed appointment for the safety of their staff, clients, and their families.



In the event an item is damaged or broken during your appointment, your cleaner will try to call you and a Polished Cleaning office representative will also follow up to discuss the item and how to best care for the situation.

As required, the Terms of service are updated or edited to stay current with our environment.  When an edit or change is implemented, you will be notified of the new terms of service in your automated reminder email. 

It is your responsibility to monitor your client reminder emails and to actively participate in our COVID-19 Screening Declaration process and to keep apprised of any changes to our terms and conditions of service.   When you confirm your clean, it means that you.

  • And all residents of your service address are healthy.

  • Agree to any new changes to the terms and conditions of service.


Terms and conditions of service are always available for review by using the link provided on your appointment reminder emails or by visiting our website.  


A scheduled clean may take longer than originally estimated. This may happen if.


  • You have requested an extra item or an la carte add-on to be completed.

  • An item requires extra effort to clean such as soap scum, baked on food, dirt or grease build-up.

  • Weather related messes such as mud, melted snow or rain.

  • Difficulty with keys or keypads delaying entry.

  • Your home's cleanliness level is lower than usual

  • Your home's tidiness level is lower than usual

In the event Polished Cleaning needs additional time, we will attempt to reach you by telephone for verbal authorization to continue. 


Polished will try three consecutive times to get you on the phone.  If you do not answer, it will be implied that the overage is approved and we will complete the clean.

If you do not authorize Polished Cleaning to take extra time to complete your clean, you agree to accept your service in an 'as is' condition and therefore, no complimentary touch-ups will be available.


When Cleaning is paused for more than six weeks,  your upcoming clean will be booked as an initial visit and subject to the most current pricing.  In this instance;

  • You will be provided a new estimate with the most recent pricing requiring approval prior to proceeding.

  • The clean will take longer than regular scheduled services.

  • Special pricing previously in effect is Null & Void.  Future services will be billed at the current promotion or pricing offered at the time of recommencement.

  • We can not guarantee your preferred day or slot will be available upon return.