Terms & Conditions

  1. Please provide three business-day’s-notice when cancelling a single appointment to avoid a $100 cancellation fee.

  2.  Due to the unpredictable nature of cleaning, we cannot guarantee our exact time of arrival, unless you are scheduled in the First Spot of the day. We require the flexibility to arrive and depart between the hours of 9:00am and 4:00pm. For your convenience we can provide you with an estimated window in which to expect our arrival, however, we reserve the right to arrive earlier or later than the estimated window due to circumstances beyond our control, such as inclement weather, traffic conditions, unforeseen cancellations etc. Should we arrive for a scheduled service to find we are unable to access your home or turned away at the door; our Lockout Policy will apply.

  3.  All One Time cleans, Initial cleans and Move in/out cleans require a $100 non-refundable deposit to secure service on the schedule. This deposit will be charged to the credit card entered online or given over the phone upon booking and will be applied towards the first service invoice. Deposits can be transferred to a different service day if the reschedule is within two- weeks and arranged with three full business days’ advance notice. Otherwise, the deposit becomes a cancellation fee - no exceptions.

  4.  All One-Time, Initial, Move-in/out, Hourly Cleans are timed and billed hourly at the current posted rate of $50 per man-hour. A Man-Hour is defined as one (1) hour of labor performed by one (1) person. Therefore, a team of 2(two) working for one (1) hour is 2 man-hours. The amount quoted is based on the number of man-hours estimated to complete the work. Because we quote homes sight unseen, your One-Time, Initial, Move Out/In or Hourly Service could take more or less time than the amount estimated. Should the team require more than the budgeted time, we will be calling you for approval during the service at the number you provided at time of booking, so please keep your phone on. If the team requires additional time and we cannot reach you at the number provided, we will assume all additional time is approved. If the team completes your service in less than the budgeted time, you will only be charged for the actual time required to complete the job. We include the load and unload time in the billable time. If additional time is required and requested, but not approved, the team will exit at the original budgeted time and we will advise of the items not completed.

  5. You are only charged for the time each cleaner spends cleaning in the home. If you live outside of the perimeter of Winnipeg or Regina, timers are started upon crossing the perimeter.

  6.  Polished Cleaning Services trains all cleaning staff to clean your home to Polished Standards. All staff are equipped with the same cleaning supplies and training. Staff are scheduled to service areas with multiple homes, for this reason, we Will Not guarantee the same staff each visit.

  7. For safety and liability reasons, Polished requires a key or means of entry to your home and will never enter an unsecured address. Keys are filed numerically with no personal information associated with the tags. If a key is misplaced or lost, Polished assumes no liability. Alternatively, clients can maintain a lock box or key-less entry with a unique code specific to Polished.

  8. Polished staff is under strict instructions not to clean animal or human bodily fluids of any kind. (Urine, feces, vomit, soiled clothing or similar hazards).

  9. Cleaning Staff will not open any drawers or doors outside of the kitchen. Please ensure that any area you wish to be included is open and accessible. Special arrangements can be made by submitting a service request through your client hub.

  10.  Polished will not accept responsibility for jobs requiring efforts exceeding washing & drying of any area of your home including deep cleaning and restoration of showers, fixtures or appliances in a single visit. Polished does not guarantee that our efforts will bring these areas to original condition over time. Restoration cleaning is available by consultation only.

  11.  Polished accepts VISA, MasterCard & American Express as preferred methods of payment and requires one of these cards on file to accept cheques.

  12.  Polished charges an NSF fee of $100.00 for all dishonored payments. Pre-authorized credit cards will only be assessed the NSF fee on the third attempt. This includes expired cards.

  13. Cleaning staff start their timers after crossing the perimeter when traveling to out of town cleans.

  14.  A lock-out fee of $100.00 will be assessed if our team is unable to gain access for any reason to the service property for a scheduled clean.

  15. When required to use public parking, our cleaners start the timer when they arrive to the service address, not once cleaning has commenced.

  16. Our staff document their work by taking before and after pictures of their progress for areas requiring additional efforts, to document a breakage or possible defect in a cleaning area prior to commencing work. The pictures are uploaded to your client file and are not used for any other reason without client consent.

  17. The client shall not solicit employment from any Polished Cleaning employee for the duration of the service engagement. In the case of termination of this agreement, the client shall not solicit employment of any Signature Cleaning employee for the duration of a 12-month period. Violation of the non-solicitation agreement will result in a $2,500 Recruitment and Training fee charged to the client, to be paid in full upon request.

  18. Prices are subject to change without notice unless your services are protected with a service agreement locking in a price.  All other plans will be honored at the agreed upon discount to the base hourly rate.

  19. Our work is subject to our Client Satisfaction Guarantee.  If you require a touch-up of any portion of your clean, simply notify us within 24 hours of your visit and we'll send a team back to care for the deficiency at no additional charge.

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