Wedding Gown Cleaning & Specialty Laundry

Polished Cleaning is a woman-owned business who understands the need to preserve not only your memories of your special day, but also your beautiful bridal gown. Polished is pleased to give brides an inexpensive alternative to dry cleaning without the use of harsh chemicals and odors that can yellow over time. Our fully bonded and insured team will pick your dress up and return it fully laundered and ready for storage.

When my daughter asked me if she could wear my wedding gown on her big day, I panicked! Not only would I have to remember where it was, but I knew I put it away 20 years ago without having it cleaned. Needless to say, when I finally located it, it was a filthy mess full of perspiration & unidentifiable stains. The bottom hem was black and it even had a tire track across the train! I reluctantly called Polished without any real expectations. They picked it up and when they returned it, I couldn’t believe how clean it was! It was so white, it almost hurt my eyes, no trace of stains or soil. I highly recommend their bridal gown cleaning service. If they can clean a 20 year-old wedding gown and make it look brand new, there’s no telling how clean they can get a recently-worn gown.
— Adrianne S.