Proudly Serving The Queen City & Surrounding Areas

Since 2009, we have been a woman-owned company who empowers other women to become entrepreneurs.  We constantly push boundaries and work to evolve our scope to shatter cleaning industry stereotypes.

Our Mission

Our Company will change the way you think about Cleaning Services. 

We provide our clients with the gift of time after a long day by being their #DreamCleanTeam. 

We will always be passionate about the environment and in the communities where we work by giving back. 

We will take pride in inspiring our #DreamCleanTeam to to their best providing them with the opportunity for personal growth & well being. 

We will bring the best in the world we operate in.

I began my career with Polished. They fostered an environment where I was able to build a brand and start working for myself. While I still care for Polished Clients, I’ve built my own client base and a successful affiliate business.
— Chandra Dexter, Just Like New Cleaning Services

What We've Achieved