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Not all cleaning is created equal.  Our commercial Cleaning crews care for all of your workplace.  No more dirty break rooms and dusty computer equipment.  Best of all? We disinfect to reduce sick time. 

Apartment buildings

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More and more property managers are eliminating the need for site super's by hiring a cleaning service to ensure the common areas are the cleanest they can be for tenants & their guests.  Maximize your revenue by leasing the caretaker suite and leave all the cleaning to us.  We send a detailed checklist to document our work after every visit.

Office Cleaning

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Put Polished on the job and we can visit on a schedule  that works best for you.  Trust that in addition to a dusted desk, your telephone is disinfected and your lunch room is clean and free of clutter.  We always send a checklist after every visit. (1).png

Commercial A la Cartes

Snow Removal, Windows, Carpets, Floors & Appliances (1).png (1).png (1).png (1).png

Get Polished to throw out Ted's moldy lunch and disinfect the break room fridge.  Schedule semi-regular window cleaning, carpet cleaning, tile floor strip and wax and even make sure your walk way is snow free. (1).png (1).png
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