Who Do You Want Dusting Your Jewelry Box?

It goes without saying that our industry has a lot of competition. A simple search on Kijiji will show you that there is a small army of people trying to make a buck in the cleaning industry.

So who are you going to hire? We did a little experiment to see what drove potential clients to our roster and the results were surprising.

The common consensus is that consumers are looking for an affordable, high quality cleaning service, but will forgo quality in favor of affordable. We also learned that most consumers view Cleaners the same way they view a clerk at 7Eleven or Tim Hortons.

So let’s break it down.

We have the bottom of the price scale ($15-$20 per hour)- This price point is shockingly low and leaves little room for overhead and margins. If you decide to give one of these services a try, you should consider a few questions before beginning.

Girl's Night - What to Bring?

All of your friends are restricting carbs, Kelly's doing Keto, Amber's on Atkins, Sally's on South Beach... The list could go on and on.  Your Saturday Girl's Night appetizer selection is looking bleek.  Or is it afterall?  Let one of the other girls bring the wine because you have Girl's night in the bag with these delicious and healthy low-carb snacks from Pinterest.

Long Weekend

Activities the Whole Family Will Enjoy

Find yourself wondering what to do with your extra day off?  The old "curl-up and binge-watch' is starting to be a little stale.  Lucky for you, the weather is looking ideal to get outside and take in some of the many activities Winnipeg has to offer.  Need a hand figuring out your options?  No problem, the #DreamCleanTeam is here for you for more than just exceptional cleaning service.

Tour the Ice Castle, check out the Festival Du Voyageur, or head over to the Children's Museum. 

On a budget?  There are many free activities available for the whole family.  Take a hike in one of our beautiful provincial parks or grab your ice skates and head down to the forks for a great day out on the river.  Admission is free and everyone will have a great time.

Not an outdoorsy kind of cat?  Hit the spa or catch a flick. 

The point is, have a blast no matter what you decide to do.  Spring is just around the corner and you will be able to say you got out and enjoyed a little of what our prairie winter has to offer.

For a full list of all the great activities available to you, check out Tourism Winnipeg's Website for a little inspiration.

Your #DreamCleanTeam


Chili Dip


These Three Ingredients Will Make You A Domestic Goddess

Stag Chili | Cream Cheese | Shredded Cheddar

Ever find yourself scrambling to feed unexpected guests?  Things happen and we all from time to time end up in an impromptu party or get together. 

Whip up a decadent dip in no time flat by following these four simple steps.

1. Spread Cream Cheese over the bottom of a 9" pan

2. Spread Chili over the cream cheese

3. Cover with shredded cheese

4. Bake at 400 degrees for 15-20 minutes till bubbly and soft.


Serve with your favorite tortilla chips.