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Life's Short. Why Clean?

Is it possible to make residential service easy, affordable and fully customizable at the same time?  We think so.  With the assistance of our client experience concierge, you will create your customized clean and we will take care of the rest!  

Start with CORE Services

For the most part, our clients want an end to end clean.  When considering what services will work best for your household and budget, we always recommend the CORE-Four.

Floors, Bathrooms, Kitchen & Dusting.

Luxury Bathroom
Window Cleaning

A la Carte?

Do you have time to take care of the maintenance items on a regular basis?  What about during busy times? Choose items to add value to your visits.  We can make a standard or customizable maintenance plan to suite your needs.

Stove & Oven, Fridge, Windows, Bath Mats, Laundry, Blinds, Light Fixtures & Baseboards.

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