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Online Booking Terms & Conditions 

Updated: April 23, 2024

1. Non-Refundable Booking Deposit

          1.1. Polished Cleaning Services charges a non-refundable 50% Booking Deposit when booking a one-time or initial clean.

              a. The payment method used to fund your non-refundable deposit will be retained by our system as the payment method on                         file used for services rendered.


           1.2  The non-refundable deposit is applied towards the appointment invoice and the difference is charged to payment method                        on file.

3. Arrival Time Flexibility

          3.1. Due to the unpredictable nature of the cleaning industry, we require flexibility for arrival and departure times between 9:00  AM and 4:00 PM. You will receive an SMS appointment reminder with an arrival window.

          3.2. As an online booker, you have requested a certain arrival time.  We will dispatch cleans around your specific appointment time.  The price of your service reflects this VIP arrival option.


4. Flat Rate Pricing

          4.1. Our cleaning services are priced as "Flat Rate" or "Cost per Clean." Invoices will match the estimate unless:

                  a. Additional tasks are requested.  The original job will be completed prior to extras being done.  Extras are billed at $65/per                        man hour and will be billed to the booked clean.  
                  b. You may not cap the amount of extra time required to complete requested extra tasks.

5. Cleaner Assignment

          5.1. You have selected an available cleaning team when you online booked.  Your price for your services reflects this VIP option.


6. Biological Waste

          6.1. Our staff will not clean up biological waste and may discontinue a clean if their safety is compromised.

7. "Closed Drawer/Closed Door" Policy

          7.1. Cleaning staff will not open closed-off areas, cabinets or drawers.  There are no exceptions to this rule. If an area is accidentally occluded, it will not be cleaned.  There is no price adjustment available for this.

8. Parking

          8.1. Clients must provide accessible parking for our cleaning staff. Paid parking charges will be added to your invoice.


9. Documentation and Photos

          9.1. Our staff document their work with before and after photos for quality control and progress monitoring. These photos are                       used solely for these purposes and with your explicit consent.


10. Recruitment Fee

          10.1. A $2500.00 recruitment fee applies if you solicit employment or cleaning arrangements with a former or current Polished                         Cleaning team member within 24 months of their termination.

11. Payment

          11.1. All invoices are due upon receipt, and the outstanding balance will be charged to the credit card on file unless alternate                           payment terms are arranged.

          11.2. Invoices are issued via email and are automatically charged. Unpaid invoices will be forwarded to a collection agency after                     30 days.


12. Damaged Items

          12.1. In the event of damage or breakage during your appointment, your cleaner will contact you, and a Polished Cleaning                               representative will follow up to discuss the issue.

13. Appointment Duration

          13.1. Appointment times are an estimate only based on two cleaners attending

          13.2  The duration may fluctuate for any reason.

          13.3  Polished Staff is not required to clean for a minimum amount of time as the quoted cost is a flat rate.


By booking our cleaning services, you acknowledge and agree to abide by these terms and conditions. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us before your appointment.

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